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Interpreting Placement Results

Sentence Skills

Your Sentence Skills scores will place you in either ENG-103 Freshman Composition & Literature I (3 credits) or ENG-099 Basic Composition, a non-credit course.

ENG-099 (0 credits) is a developmental writing course for students who need more individualized instruction and intensive practice in composing and editing short expository prose.

If your Sentence Skills score is 76 - 85, you will also complete an essay to determine whether your placement could be changed to ENG-103. 

Reading Comprehension

Your Reading Comprehension score will place you in RDG-153 College Learning Strategies (3 credits), RDG-093 College Preparation Reading or RDG-087 Intermediate Reading.

RDG-087 & RDG-093 (0 credits) are designed to help strengthen reading and study skills courses.

It is mandatory that students who place in RDG-087 or RDG-093 register for this course during their initial semester.


Your Math score(s) will place you in either a college level or remedial level math course. Any course number beginning with “0” is a non-credit course. Course numbers beginning with “1” are credit bearing courses.

Many students will have more than one placement indicated. When you meet with an advisor, s/he will discuss which is the best course for you to select based upon your curriculum and long-term educational goals.

The Math Diagnostics Center offers a diagnostic and prescription service for students who need to refresh their arithmetic or algebraic skills. Its purpose is to assist students in reinforcing the math skills they need to enhance their current success, or to enable students to enroll in a higher-level course. This program is free of charge!

Courses such as ENG-099, MAT-088 and RDG-093 are designed to strengthen basic skills needed before enrolling in college-level courses. Non-credit courses are assigned equivalent credit hours for financial aid and tuition purposes.

OCC’s mandatory remediation policy means you must complete non-credit courses at the beginning of your studies here.