The Department of Social Sciences & Philosophy

The Social Sciences are a field of study found in higher education, which examine human behavior in its varied social expressions: culture; society; personal interactions; learning; political and economic activity; in present day and in history.

At Onondaga, the Social Sciences & Philosophy Department includes the following disciplines:  

Onondaga students cannot major in any one of the disciplines listed above. Most students interested in these fields however, would choose the  Humanities + Social Sciences A.A degree for their major. The Humanities & Social Sciences degree is a solid transfer degree in the Liberal Arts. If you are unsure of what you ‘d like to major in, this degree offers a good, general survey of courses across many disciplines and it will help you focus on your future preferred field.

The faculty in the Social Sciences & Philosophy Department also hosts several minors, which usually entail 12-13 credit hours in an area of focused interest. These minors can fit within the degree requirements of most Onondaga programs of study. 

Faculty in the Social Sciences & Philosophy Department at Onondaga are advisors for a few student clubs, and involved in several committees on campus which occasionally sponsor events.  


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