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Open House

Thursday, October 26 from 5:30pm-7:30pm

Take college classes that work around YOUR schedule! Discover everything OCC has to offer -- including day and evening classes in Liverpool, tutoring, advisement, testing, and more. Drop in any time from 5:30 - 7:30 to learn about:

  • Information on academic programs
  • Admissions and application process
  • Financial aid, including the new Excelsior Scholarship Workforce development programs and opportunities Tour of the facility

Also, grab a bite to eat from our on-site food truck... your dinner is on us! If you have any questions or for more information, please call (315) 498-6080 or email occliverpool@sunyocc.edu.

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The Shops at Seneca Mall
8015 Oswego Rd. (Rt. 57 N)
Liverpool, NY 13090

Summer Office Hours:
Mondays - Thursday: 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Fridays: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Contact Us:
(315) 498-6080

Erin Vaccaro, Director

Sheila Osborne

Lisa Robel


  • Day and evening classes taught by OCC faculty
  • Classes offered spring, summer and fall semesters
  • Earn degree-specific or SUNY Gen Ed credits
  • Financial aid & scholarships available


Student Engagement

  • Welcome Back Days
  • Study Groups
  • Service Projects 
  • Book Club
    •  Will meet at 4:30 p.m. in the Commons on Thursday, October 26th, to discuss The Magician, by Lev Grossman. All are welcome!  
  • Little Free Pantry
  • Student Association Rep
    • Every Thursday in the Common from 2:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Peer Connector

Spring 2018 Courses

Facilities & Amenities

7 Classrooms • Student Computer Lab • Quiet Study Area • Free Wi-Fi • Free coffee & tea, microwave and vending machines • Free and convenient parking • Centro Bus service • Restaurants and shopping nearby

Easy access from Routes 31 & 481, NYS Thruway and John Glenn Blvd.

Onondaga Community College has applied for OCC @ Liverpool to move from the currently approved status of “Instructional Site” to “Additional Location” status. This change is pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

Spring 2018 Courses
Title Name Days Offered Start Time End Time
ANT-152- 631 Cultural Anthropology M W 03:15PM 04:30PM
ANT-152- 632 Cultural Anthropology TH 06:00PM 08:45PM
ASA-159-631 Chemical Dependencies T 06:00PM 08:45PM
BUS-101-631 Intro to Business T TH 09:00AM 10:15AM
BUS-230-631 Prin of Management W 06:00PM 08:45PM
BUS-243-631 Business Law I T TH 04:35PM 05:50PM
CIS-100-631 Inform & Computer Lit M W 12:15PM 01:30PM
CIS-100-632 Inform & Computer Lit T 06:00PM 08:45PM
COM-100-631 Intro to Communications M W 09:00AM 10:15AM
COM-210-631 Public Speaking T TH 10:30AM 11:45AM
COM-220-631 Interpersonal Comm M W 10:30AM 11:45AM
COM-220-632 Interpersonal Comm T TH 09:00AM 10:15AM
CRJ-201-631 Criminology M W 10:30AM 11:45AM
ECO-204-631 Microeconomics T 06:00PM 08:45PM
ENG-099-631 ALP: Basic Comp T TH 10:30AM 11:45AM
ENG-103-631 ALP: Fresh./Comp. I T TH 09:00AM 10:15AM
ENG-103-632 Fresh./Comp. I T TH 09:00AM 10:15AM
ENG-103-633 Fresh./Comp. I T TH 06:00PM 07:15PM
ENG-104-631 Fresh./Comp. II M W 10:30AM 11:45AM
ENG-104-632 Fresh./Comp. II T TH 10:30AM 11:45AM
ENG-104-633 Fresh./Comp. II T TH 01:45PM 03:00PM
ENG-104-634 Fresh./Comp. II W 06:00PM 08:45PM
GEN-152-631 Human Adjustment TTH 01:45PM 03:00PM
GEO-106-631 Environmental Geology T TH 03:15PM 04:30PM
GEO-106L-631 Environmental Geology Lab T 04:35PM 07:20PM
HEA-106-631 Studs/Hlth & Wellns T 01:45PM 02:35PM
HIS-104-631 Hist of West Civ II M W 06:00PM 07:15PM
HIS-104-632 Hist of West Civ II T TH 03:15PM 04:30PM
HIS-105-631 Early Amer Hist M W 01:45PM 03:00PM
HIS-107-631 Mod Amer History M W 03:15PM 04:30PM
HUM-150-631 Human Services Theory M 06:00PM 08:45PM
HUM-152-631 Human Services Beg Skills TH 06:00PM 08:45PM
MAT-088-631 Beginning Alg/App M W 06:00PM 07:40PM
MAT-088-632 Beginning Alg/App (Emporium) T TH 08:35AM 10:15AM
MAT 113-631 Contemporary Mathematics T TH 12:30PM 01:45PM
MAT-114-631 Intermed Algebra/Apps T TH 10:30AM 12:10PM
MAT-114-632 Intermed Algebra/Apps T TH 12:30PM 02:10PM
MAT-115-631 Decision Making T TH 10:30AM 11:45AM
MAT-116-631 Decision Making w/Calculus T TH 09:00AM 10:15AM
MAT-118-631 Exploring Stats T TH 12:15PM 01:30PM
MAT-143-631 Pre-Calc W/Trig T TH 08:35AM 10:15AM
PHI-108-631 Ethics M W 10:30AM 11:45AM
PSY-103-631 Gen Psychology M 06:00PM 08:45PM
PSY-103-632 Gen Psychology T TH 01:45PM 03:00PM
RDG-153-631 College Learning Strategies M W 10:30AM 11:45AM
PHI-108-631 Ethics M W 12:15PM 01:30PM
SOC-103-631 Intro Sociology M W 01:45PM 03:00PM
SOC-103-632 Intro Sociology TH 06:00PM 08:45PM