Gallery Exhibit: Shane LaVancher, Toxic Beauty


“Toxic Beauty,” A photo series by Shane Lavancher 
Gallery at the Ann Felton Multicultural Center
September 28 - November 1, 2011


The series “Toxic Beauty” is a collaborative body if work created by photographer Shane Lavancher, Parisian Creative Director Clementine Allain, and New York artist Jason Clay Lewis, over the course of four months in a Brooklyn based studio.

There is something fascinating in the fragility of beauty that is destined to fade, in the grace and intensity that can be found in post-disaster and tragic scenes, in the disquieting elegance of loss of mind, and life. All three artists shared the vision.

Each photograph was treated as a painting, in an attempt to go beyond the photographic medium, with a sense of poetry and romanticism to the work. These photographs were built not “taken.” The process of creating this series was more of an installation and a performance.

Shane LaVancher is an alumnus of Onondaga Community College.

“Toxic Beauty” stands on the foundation of Lewis’ sculptures. The sculptures and the interpretation given in the series surface some great dualities: life and death, love and hate, beauty and ugliness.