Campus Safety Investigates Check Scam Targeting Onondaga

Campus Safety and Security is investigating a national check scamming operation that has targeted Onondaga, as well as other colleges and organizations. Individuals from across the country who have responded to work-from-home internet job ads have then received fraudulent checks allegedly from colleges, including Onondaga, for approximately $3,000 and contain the institution's banking information. 

Please do not attempt to deposit one of these checks. If you have any suspicions or questions regarding a check you have received, please call (315) 498-2478.
Onondaga Community College does not offer work-from-home jobs, mystery shopper opportunities or rental properties through craigslist or any other online sources. Neither have we issued any checks for them to distribute. If you have received a check in this context that is purported to be from Onondaga Community College, that check is fraudulent and should be reported to Campus Safety and Security at (315) 498-2478.