CMT 190 Introduction to Microprocessors (4 credits)

This course is an introduction to basic principles of microprocessor architecture and assembly language instructions. The content of the course is divided into three sections: microprocessor architecture, mnemonics, and interfacing I/Os. The course is designed around the Z80 microprocessor and its mnemonics. Topics included in the course are: overview of computers and microcomputers, Z80 microprocessor architecture, bus architecture, memory (R/W Memory, ROM, and EPROM), memory maps, I/Os, interfacing devices and introduction to the Z80 instruction set. The third section, interfacing I/Os, introduces various I/O techniques such as parallel I/O, serial I/O, and interrupts. Two class lectures and one hour for assembly language instructions. Prerequisite: CSC 111, CMT 171, or equivalent.