Faculty - Art
Ferrante Hall, Room 162, (315) 498-2401


  • Chris Kukenberger, Associate Professor/Chair
       B.A., Purchase College;
       M.A., Syracuse University
  • Lorraine Austin, Assistant Professor
       A.A.S., Onondaga Community College;
       B.F.A., M.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology 
  • Christine Kukenberger, Associate Professor
       B.A., Purchase College;
       M.A., Syracuse University
  • Bruce L. Osborne, Associate Professor
       B.F.A., Wittenberg University;
       M.F.A., Bard College
  • Andrew M. Schuster, Jr., Professor
       B.A., M.S., Pennsylvania State University;
       SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2004

Adjunct Faculty Include:  

  • Jill Doscher
       M.F.A., State University at Buffalo
       B.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Nate Eaton
       B.F.A., University of North Carolina
  • Randy Elliot
       B.A., SUNY Fredonia
  • David Fergot
       B.F.A., University of Wisconsin Stout
  • Merilee Freeman
       B.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Paul Molesky
       M.F.A., Tulane University
  • Carmel Nicoletti
       M.F.A., B.F.A. Syracuse University
  • Anne Novado Cappuccilli
       M.F.A., Syracuse University
       B.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Richard Pardee
       M.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Donalee Peden-Wesley
       M.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Keith Penny
       M.A., Syracuse University
  • Andrea Reeves
       B.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Lawrence Royer
       M.S., Newhouse School of Publications
  • G. Stephen Ryan
       B.S., B.F.A., Syracuse University
  • Gary Trento
       M.F.A., Pratt Institute
       B.F.A., University of Virginia
  • David Webster
       B.F.A., Alfred University
       M.A.T., Oswego University
  • Richard Williams
       M.A., Syracuse University
  • Mark Williamson
       A.A., Roger Williams University;
       B.A., Towson University;
       M.A., Queens College;
       Ph.D., Binghamton University
  • Andrea Woodbury
       B.F.A., Pratt Institute

Professor Emeritus:

  • Patricia Brookes