FAQ’s for Welcome Onondaga Week

What is Welcome Onondaga? 

A series of events and programs to help new students become familiar with campus, make new friends and get a head start on being successful in their first semester.

Why should I attend Welcome Onondaga? 

All new students are expected to attend! It is a great opportunity to meet people including your fellow classmates, faculty in your program of study and key staff who will help you in this new journey. Sessions will include valuable information on processes, terms and just what makes college different from high school, along with helpful tools and hints to make your first semester a great one.

What do I need to bring?

It will be helpful to have a copy of your class schedule and, of course, you should always carry your Onondaga ID with you at all times. Res Hall students will be receiving separate information on what to bring in the coming weeks.

Who can attend? 

Students and families are welcome at the info fair.  The rest of the events are specifically geared toward students.

What is the schedule for Welcome Onondaga?  

You can view the full schedule online -- make sure to visit for updates!

Is it necessary to attend Welcome Onondaga Events?

All new students are expected to participate in all welcome activities. 

Other questions concerning Welcome Onondaga?

Contact us at welcome@sunyocc.edu for more info.