PTA 204 Seminar (3 credits)

This course explores the topic of death and dying, including the bereavement process, support systems for the grieving person, and ethical, legal, and cultural implications for the Physical Therapist Assistant. Multicultural Diversity and its impact on healthcare delivery is explored. Topics of research, quality assurance, risk management, ergonomics, complementary alternative medicine, work hardening, and functional capacity evaluations are presented. Domestic violence and sexual harassment and their implication to the Physical Therapist Assistant are discussed. Additional pathology topics including the obesity epidemic, rheumatology, hemophilia, GI, and endocrine systems, along with multiple system disorders are covered. Evaluative procedures such as diagnostic imaging, lab values, arterial blood gas interpretation, and pharmacology and their implications to Physical Therapist Assistants are introduced. Prerequisites: PTA major and PTA 110, 201, and 207, or permission of instructor; co-requisites: PTA 203 and 208, or permission of instructor.