Dr. Rick McLain

Professor, History

Rick McLain

Areas of expertise

  • Ancient Maya and Aztecs
  • Biblical history
  • British government
  • British studies since 1500
  • Global history of sexuality and gender
  • Royal Family


Professor Rick McLain earned his Ph.D. at the University of Exeter in England. A native of Louisiana and graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Dr. McLain also studied as an exchange student in England as an undergraduate for one year. He later returned to England and earned master’s degrees in history, and in the history of medicine and occupational health. Rick has taught surveys in World History and Western Civilization since 2005 at OCC in the Social Sciences and Philosophy Department. The topics most interesting to him are the global history of sexuality and gender, British Studies since 1500, and the ancient Maya and Aztecs. He has been a leader in study abroad programs and has taken students to Latin America and Canada every year since 2007. In spring 2016 Rick will help lead a study abroad program to India. He is also an expert on the British government and royal family, and scholars of biblical history. His hobbies include kayaking, hiking, gardening and the historical restoration of his home in Syracuse, which was built in 1817.