Message from Casey Crabill 

Dear Onondaga Students, Faculty, and Staff-

Today we open a new semester – a new opportunity for learning and growth.  We welcome back students who have already taken steps down the path to an Associate’s Degree and we welcome many for whom today is their first day of college.  Together, we form the Onondaga Community, and we each bear the responsibility for making this community one centered on human dignity and mutual respect.  Onondaga Community College has a firm and long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and the worth of each individual.  We celebrate our ability to come together to learn through the free exchange of ideas.  As a community, OCC is united against hate and against violence.  They have no home on our campus.  We reaffirm this commitment as we start a new semester.  

Casey Crabill, President

Onondaga Community College