MAT 109 Intermediate Algebra for Advanced Manufa Cturing/Mechanical Technology Programs (4 credits)

This is a class designed to fulfill the mathematics requirement for the Advanced Manufacturing - Machining Certificate program and satisfy the prerequisite for the mathematics requirement for the Mechanical Technology A.A.S. degree program. Topics include solving linear equations and inequalities, graphs, functions, systems of equations, polynomials and polynomial functions, factoring, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, geometric concepts, quadratic equations, and right triangle trigonometry. A focus on mathematical applications pertaining to the Advanced Manufacturing curriculum will be prevalent throughout the course. This course may not be applicable as math credit for other departments without departmental permission. This course will not count toward any elective credit for Math-Science. Credit will not be awarded for this course and MAT 114. For Advanced Manufacturing - Machining Certificate and Mechanical Technology A.A.S. Program students only. Prerequisite: MAT 087 or MAT 088 (or equivalent) or MAT 084.