FSA 230 Entrepreneurship in Hospitality (3 credits)

This course prepares students to have a clear understanding of the various issues relating to new venture/product development, such as food safety and sanitation, identifying and refining viable ideas and concepts, forecasting demand, business analysis, and designing and implementing successful marketing strategies for new ventures/products. The course will also examine how to finance an idea and create an organizational structure to support the venture/product. Field trips, guest speakers and case studies bring the topics alive and anchor discussion in the real world. Developing prototypes and marketing and selling goods and services will also be covered. Students enrolled in this class will operate the Hospitality Department retail shop. This class will meet for 2 one hour lectures and a 3 hour lab. Lab: Production lab will produce products for the retail operation. (Department approved uniform) Prerequisite: FSA 103 and BUS 102 or permission of instructor; co-requisite: FSA 230L.