NUR 291 Role Transition: Capstone Course (2 credits)

This clinical internship course is designed as a collaborative experience between nursing service and nursing education. It is a reality-based experience in which the student, in conjunction with a registered nurse preceptor, begins to function as a beginning staff nurse. The preceptor acts as a role model, teacher, and supervisor, and determines the pace and extent of assignments based on the student's identified learning outcomes, the experiences available, and the student's ability. The student is involved in a peer review process with the preceptor by maintaining and sharing a daily log, receiving formative feedback from which to identify learning needs, and receiving summative feedback prepared by the preceptor at the conclusion of the experience. The student is expected to submit a patient case study with the application of two extensive Nursing Care Plans. Students will spend a total of 56 hours over a two-week time period on a medical-surgical hospital unit engaged in all activities with a preceptor; in addition, students will be expected to spend substantial time preparing for and following up after each clinical day. Prerequisites: Completion of NUR 271, any two previously applied NUR theory courses to clinical (261, 262, 263, or 264), and ATI Leadership proctored exam; co-requisites: completed and current health form on file, current CPR certification, malpractice insurance, NUR 260, and ATI Comprehensive Exam.