Summer Class Schedule

Below is a listing of the courses offered at OCC during summer sessions.  To learn more about a specific course and find details on the days and times it meets you can look up the schedule of courses by logging into WebAdvisor and then selecting "Students" and then "Search for Sections".  For details on how to register you can visit the registration landing page.

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Summer Course Listing

Cultural Anthropology - ANT-152- Online Course
Cultural Anthropology - ANT-152
Life Drawing Studio - ART-111
Intro to Computer Graph - ART-142
Ceramics I - ART-219
Chemical Dependencs - ASA-159- Online Course
Chemical Dependencs - ASA-159
Couns Spirit & Well - ASA-270
Amer Sign Lang I - ASL-101
Amer Sign Lang II - ASL-102
Auto Fundamentals - ATC-103
Auto Fund Lab - ATC-103L
Engine Concepts - ATC-131
Engine Concepts Lab - ATC-131L
CO:Co-Op Ed I - ATC-190
Exploring Biology - BIO-105
Exploring Biology Lab - BIO-105L
Intro to Biology - BIO-121
Intro to Bio Lab - BIO-121L
General Ecology - BIO-131
General Ecology Lab - BIO-131L
General Biology I - BIO-151
General Biology I Lab - BIO-151L
General Biology II - BIO-152
General Biology II Lab - BIO-152L
Anatomy & Physio I - BIO-171
Anatomy & Physio I Lab - BIO-171L
Anatomy & Physio II - BIO-172
Anatomy & Physio II Lab - BIO-172L
General Microbiology - BIO-205
Gen Microbio Lab - BIO-205L
Intro to Business - BUS-101- Online Course
Math of Business & Finance    - BUS-102- Online Course
Financial Actg. - BUS-105- Online Course
Financial Actg. - BUS-105
Managerial Actg. - BUS-106
Managerial Actg. - BUS-106- Online Course
Marketing - BUS-121
Supervision & Mgmt - BUS-138- Online Course
Bus Spreadsheets I - BUS-203- Online Course
Bus Spreadsheets II - BUS-204- Online Course
Prin of Management - BUS-230- Online Course
Business Law I - BUS-243
CO:Co-Op Work Stdy - BUS-290
Intro Chemistry - CHE-121
Intro Chem Lab - CHE-121L
Basic Chem Hlth I - CHE-151- Online Course
Basic Chem Hlth I - CHE-151
General Chemistry I - CHE-171
Gen Chem I Lab - CHE-171L
General Chem II - CHE-172
Gen Chem II Lab - CHE-172L
Organic Chem I - CHE-205
Organic Chem I Lab - CHE-205L
Info&Comp Literacy - CIS-100
Intro to Com - COM-100
Intro to Com - COM-100- Online Course
Public Speaking - COM-210
Interpersonal Comm - COM-220- Online Course
Interpersonal Comm - COM-220
Intercultural Comm - COM-282- Online Course
Justice System   - CRJ-101- Online Course
Women & the Crim Justice Sys - CRJ-107- Online Course
Criminal Investigation - CRJ-142- Online Course
Law Enforcemnt Proc - CRJ-226- Online Course
Internship - CRJ-252
Algorithm Develpmnt - CSC-109
Prog Design & Devel - CSC-110
Fund of Computing I - CSC-111
Visual Basic I Progrm - CSC-162- Online Course
Modern Economic Issues - ECO-103- Online Course
Pov,Inequal,Discrim - ECO-160- Online Course
Macroeconomics - ECO-203- Online Course
Macroeconomics - ECO-203
Infant-Toddler Development    - EDU-158- Online Course
Early Chldhd Ed: Intro - EDU-180- Online Course
Child Growth & Dev - EDU-182- Online Course
Diverse Populations   - EDU-230- Online Course
Lang/Literacy Dev. in Children - EDU-280- Online Course
Early Child Special Ed: Intro - EDU-285- Online Course
Intr MassMedia Comm - EMC-101
Intr MassMedia Comm - EMC-101- Online Course
Internship I - EMC-190
ALP:Basic Composition - ENG-099- Online Course
ALP:Basic Composition - ENG-099
Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103- Online Course
ALP:Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103- Online Course
ALP:Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103- Online Course
Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
ALP:Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
ALP:Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
ALP:Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103- Online Course
Fresh./Comp. I - ENG-103
Fresh./Comp. II - ENG-104- Online Course
Fresh./Comp. II - ENG-104
Fresh./Comp. II - ENG-104- Online Course
English Lit II - ENG-222- Online Course
English Lit II - ENG-222
American Lit I - ENG-223
Prof/Tech Writing - ENG-259- Online Course
ESOL Composition I - ESL-115
ESOL Composition II - ESL-116
Human Adjustment - GEN-152- Online Course
Human Adjustment - GEN-152
Comp/Vocation Plan - GEN-154- Online Course
Oceanography - GEO-105
Oceanography Lab - GEO-105L
Physical Geology - GEO-151
Physical Geo Lab - GEO-151L
Studs/Hlth & Wellns - HEA-106- Online Course
Studs/Hlth & Wellns - HEA-106
Personal Health - HEA-207- Online Course
Hist West Civ I - HIS-103- Online Course
Hist West Civ I - HIS-103
Hist West Civ II - HIS-104- Online Course
Hist West Civ II - HIS-104
Early Amer Hist - HIS-105- Online Course
Early Amer Hist - HIS-105
Amer Hist 19th Century - HIS-106
Amer Hist 19th Century - HIS-106- Online Course
Modern Amer Hist - HIS-107- Online Course
Modern Amer Hist - HIS-107
Intro to HIT - HIT-101- Online Course
Legal Asp. of HIT - HIT-102- Online Course
Med Terminology - HIT-120- Online Course
Med Terminology - HIT-120- Online Course
ICD-10-CM/PCS - HIT-212- Online Course
Adv Sem in HIT - HIT-230- Online Course
HmSrvThry/Skls/Rscs - HUM-150- Online Course
HmSrvThry/Skls/Rscs - HUM-150
Human Serv Field I - HUM-164- Online Course
Human Serv Field I - HUM-164
Diverse Populations - HUM-230- Online Course
Social Work Interview/Counsel - HUM-260- Online Course
Social Work Policy - HUM-261- Online Course
Hum Serv Field II - HUM-263
Assertiveness Training - HUM-270- Online Course
Elem Italian I - ITA-101- Online Course
Phase2 - Basic Crs- Law Enf - LEC-114
Phase2 Lab-Basic-Pol Off - LEC-114L
Instr Development - LEC-128
Math Literacy - MAT-084
Math Skills/Applic - MAT-085
Beginning Alg/App - MAT-088- Online Course
Beginning Alg/App - MAT-088
Quant Reasoning - MAT-104
Nature of Mathematics - MAT-112- Online Course
Contemporary Math - MAT-113- Online Course
Contemporary Math - MAT-113
Intermed Algebra/Apps - MAT-114- Online Course
Intermed Algebra/Apps - MAT-114
Decision Making - MAT-115- Online Course
Decision Making - MAT-115
Dec. Making/Calc - MAT-116- Online Course
Dec. Making/Calc - MAT-116
Exploring Stats - MAT-118- Online Course
Exploring Stats - MAT-118
Pre-Calc W/Trig - MAT-143- Online Course
Pre-Calc W/Trig - MAT-143
Statistics I - MAT-151- Online Course
Statistics I - MAT-151
Statistics II - MAT-152
Calculus I - MAT-161- Online Course
Calculus I - MAT-161
Calculus II - MAT-162- Online Course
Calculus II - MAT-162
Linear Algebra - MAT-241- Online Course
Discrete Math - MAT-251- Online Course
Calculus III - MAT-263- Online Course
Differential Equations - MAT-264- Online Course
Intro to Mus Theory - MUS-160- Online Course
Contemporary Nutr. - NTR-104- Online Course
Nutri/Diet Therapy - NTR-218- Online Course
Fund Comp - NUR-180
Fund Con/Psy - NUR-185
Transition for AP - NUR-236
Pharm/Nur:Safe Meds - NUR-253- Online Course
253 Safety in Pharm - NUR-253- Online Course
Nursing Concepts 4 - NUR-260
A/R: Ortho Chronic - NUR-261
Ox: Cardiac/Resp. - NUR-262
S/S:Neuro/Infec Dis - NUR-263
N/E: Gi/Gu/Endo - NUR-264
Psych Theory II - NUR-265
Elective Clin IV - NUR-279
Lifetime Phys Wellness - PEH-100
Lifetime Phys Wellness - PEH-100- Online Course
Yoga - PEH-155
Beginning Golf - PEH-157
Bas Weight Train for Life - PEH-163- Online Course
Bas Weight Train for Life - PEH-163
Intro to Phil - PHI-101- Online Course
Intro to Phil - PHI-101
Logic - PHI-107- Online Course
Ethics - PHI-108- Online Course
Ethics - PHI-108
General Physics I - PHY-103
Gen Physics I Lab - PHY-103L
Gen Physics II - PHY-104
Gen Physics II Lab - PHY-104L
Physics I - PHY-105
Physics I Lab - PHY-105L
Physics II - PHY-205
Physics II Lab - PHY-205L
Amer Natl Politics - POS-100- Online Course
Amer Natl Politics - POS-100
State/Local Politics - POS-102- Online Course
Intern - Politics & Gov - POS-280- Online Course
General Psychology - PSY-103- Online Course
General Psychology - PSY-103
Human Grow. & Dev - PSY-206- Online Course
Adolescent Psychology - PSY-207- Online Course
College Prep Rdg - RDG-093
Rdng Prep for College-Lab - RDG-093L
Health Sci Rdg/ Study - RDG-140- Online Course
College Lrn Stdy - RDG-153
Meteorology - SCI-100- Online Course
Intro Astronomy - SCI-103
Int Astronomy Lab - SCI-103L
IntroPlanetScience - SCI-104
Intro Planet SciLab - SCI-104L
Intro to Phys - Chem - SCI-111- Online Course
Intro Sociology - SOC-103- Online Course
Intro Sociology - SOC-103
Elementary Spanish I - SPA-101
Elem Spanish II - SPA-102
Intermed Spanish I - SPA-201

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