Transfer Students

The process for transfer students is the same regardless if you are transferring from another college, took classes in high school from another college or have AP, IB, CLEP, or earned military credit. 

  1. Official Transcript (from other college(s) or College Board for AP and CLEP) must be sent to Admission
  2. Transcript is reviewed and applicable credit is determined after you are accepted
  3. You will be sent a letter directing you to WebAccess to review your credit evaluation.


Total process at its longest ~ approximately 3 weeks


  • If you are currently enrolled at another college you can send the most recent official transcript with completed coursework. You will need to send a final transcript at the conclusion of the current semester for credit evaluation of courses in progress.
  • AP (Advanced Placement) transcripts and CLEP (CEEB College Level Examination Program) scores must come directly from College Board. Classes listed on your high school transcript will NOT suffice. You can go to to request a copy to be sent to Onondaga. In most cases, we will accept scores of 3 or higher on AP exams in applicable courses.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) credit is awarded for courses taken in high school with an HL designation only. An IB transcript must be submitted to receive credit. The high school transcript showing completion of IB courses does not suffice.
  • Credits earned through correspondence courses such as the U.S. Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) may be accepted at Onondaga based on college proficiency examinations, college boards, advanced placement, or similarly recognized testing procedures.
  • If you took college courses in high school (other than OCC), you must request an official transcript from those colleges in order for the credit to be evaluated.
  • If you earned credits at a college or university outside of the United States you must have your credits evaluated by World Education Services or Evaluation Services. They evaluate your transcript in relation to U.S. standards. There is a charge for this service, but worth considering for meeting your degree requirements in a timely fashion.

Transfer Credit Policy

  • College credits are evaluated based on previous colleges’ accreditation statuses, course content and applicability to your OCC degree program. Credits from some specialized institutions (such as Business or Trade schools and Technical Institutes), may not be acceptable.
  • Course must be passed with a C or better (C+ or better for science courses transferring into some Health Professions degree programs)
  • If you change your major after you arrive at Onondaga, transfer credits will be re-evaluated based on your new major.
  • At least twenty-four (24)  of the academic credits for the degree/certificate must be completed at Onondaga Community College, subject to specific program restrictions. Certificate programs are calculated proportionally.
  • Your grades from previous colleges will not apply to your grade point average at Onondaga.    

Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer Credit Evaluation Appeal Process

Students wishing to appeal the evaluation of any transferred courses should contact the Transfer Coordinator in the Registrar’s office to request re-evaluation of those courses. Students may be asked to provide a copy of the course description and syllabus from the original institution. The registrar may consult the department chair for the involved discipline or the Provost regarding the final designation of the course.

SUNY System Appeal Process

If you still do not agree with Onondaga’s decision, you may appeal to the SUNY System Provost. You can submit the appeal by filling out a student appeal form:, and sending it along with requested material via email to:, or send via certified mail to:

Dr. David Lavallee
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
SUNY System Administration One University Plaza
Albany, NY 12246

The SUNY Provost will respond to your appeal within five business days from receipt of the completed appeal application. If the decision finds merit to change the course to meet a major requirement, the receiving institution will be notified to take appropriate action.

Contact Information

Transfer Evaluation Services – Registrar’s Office
Gordon Student Center
Phone: (315) 498-2531