Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting

This course is geared toward educators, day care operators, health care professionals, and those who are required to report suspected child abuse. Students will gain critical information about child abuse/maltreatment identification and reporting, behavioral indicators, social-service law, and other mandates. In just over two hours, fulfill your New York State license requirements. All necessary forms, showing evidence of completion, are provided at the end of the class. Onondaga Community College is certified by the NYS Education Department to provide child abuse recognition and reporting training for professionals who have to apply for or renew their licenses. 

Course Prefix & Number: CAR.CE-001
Title: Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting
Instructor: Larkin
Tuition: $39


Section # Day Date Start End Location*
001 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM Main Campus (IVC)
002 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM APW HS (IVC)
003 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM Paul V. Moore HS (IVC)
004 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM Hannibal HS (IVC)
005 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM John C. Birdlebough HS (IVC)
006 W 5/21/14 5:30PM 7:45PM Sandy Creek HS (IVC)
*IVC = Interactive Video class. Instructor and students interact with students at other locations.