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BLOGS. VOIPS. XHTML. For most of us, the inner sanctum of a Web site is still a mystery. That is why people who can create and maintain them will always be in demand. Our Web Technology certification program is designed for students with previous college or work experience who want to refresh their skills or learn new ones.

What You Will Learn:

As a Web Technology student, you will gain an understanding of the function and process of computer programming for the Web. You will learn how to combine critical thinking with appropriate methodology to create and maintain Web pages, manage Web servers and implement dynamic content. To enhance your skills and help you discover the specific discipline that best suits your talent and interests, you will have a choice of related electives in marketing, graphic design, communications, Web programming and more.

What It Is Like:

The program offers an exciting variety of course options in a hands-on learning environment. Students have access to state-of-the-art computer labs located in the Whitney Applied Technology Center. Course work will include the analysis of real world case studies, and hands-on projects that allow students to apply the concepts and skills they have learned to real and simulated business situations.

Where It Can Take You:

New skills offer opportunities for advancement or a career change. Our Web Technology program provides you with the necessary foundation to pursue a wide variety of www-related careers. Upon graduation, many of our students continue with their formal training, while others apply their new skills and knowledge directly to the workplace.

You're On:

"How good was the program? I think my new title, Manager of Web Services, says it all. " ~ Amy L., Web Technology Graduate, 2005.