Degrees, Certificates & Minors


The certificate is designed for students seeking a quick path to job opportunities. The programs provide the essential coursework typically required by employers for entry-level positions. 


A minor is defined as 12 or more hours of elective course work in a specialized field. It is not a major for which, in itself, a degree can be earned. Minors are available to all matriculated students, regardless of major course of study. If you have an interest in one of the specialized areas noted below, consult your advisor on how to set up your class schedule to complete the required course work. Minors in any of these areas are not open to students who are majoring in that same area; these are designed to allow you to study another area of interest. Course-work can be utilized towards both program requirements and minor requirements. To declare a minor, please fill out the online form.
Students may matriculate in one of several degree programs of study and may “minor” in one or more of the following: