List of Courses

GEG 101 Introduction to Geography (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and methodology of world regional geography. Because geography incorporates aspects from multiple disciplines, we will examine geographic regions and introduce relative location, population characteristics, cultural features, physical environment, resources, major cities, economic development and historical perspectives. Furthermore, through individual projects, each student will introduce him or herself to world affairs and how events in one place can influence events in distant locations. Finally, basic geographic concepts will be introduced to help explain the variable character of the humanized earth.

GEG 203 Globalization and the World Economy (3 credits)

This course investigates how the global economic system works within a spatial framework. It focuses on the production, distribution and consumption of wealth in society and why wealth is not evenly distributed globally, regionally and locally. Topics covered include the shift from command economies to market economies in the former communist bloc; the American era of Fordism and the dollar; the shift to flexible specialization/production and its impact on laborers today; and the new space-economy dominated by strategic alliances, sourcing, free trade zones and trading blocs. A global perspective will be used to discuss the topics in the course.