List of Courses

NTR 104 Contemporary Nutrition (3 credits)

This course is an exploration of the essential nutrients and will give the student the working knowledge of the principles of nutrition. Nutrition information to include digestion, absorption, storage and metabolism of the essential nutrients, their functions, requirements, sources and how these relate to the life cycle and disease conditions. The student will study how adequate diets and weight maintenance can affect general health, diseases and food requirements for all ages from pre-natal to adult years. Current nutritional research, popular diets, diet trends, food availability, consumerism and diets of various national, global, social and economic groups are studied.

NTR 206 Diet Therapy (3 credits)

A continuation of the study of nutrition. The student will develop an understanding of the factors which make dietary modifications necessary for the treatment of disease; the principles of calculation, preparation, and service of modified diet; and the role of the dietitian in relation to total dietary care of an individual. Prerequisite: NTR 104.

NTR 218 Nutrition/Diet Therapy (3 credits)

This course is a study of nutrition as it relates to normal growth, development, health and disease conditions. The student will study how nutrient intake can impact body systems and processes. Therapeutic diets for specifics disease conditions will also be covered.