List of Courses

LIB 100 The Art of Inquiry (1 credits)

A seminar in practical general education with emphasis on such questions/issues as: What is the art of inquiry and how does it relate to the idea of the library? What questions are most worth asking? What does it mean to tend to things artfully? What is the "gift of reading"? This course will be of special value for students who are interested in finding their teachers.

LIB 210 Real-World Research (1 credits)

Finding information today is easier than it's ever been before. But can you be sure what you've found is accurate? That question forms the basis of LIB 210. Topics include: types of information resources (e.g. Internet, print, etc.); search techniques; primary resources; critical evaluation; copyright and intellectual property issues; and the use and value of libraries and information centers in the twenty-first century. Students will learn how to locate and access high-quality, authoritative information. In addition, students will attain a basic familiarity with primary research methods and interpretation.