List of Courses

SLM 111 Introduction to the Recreation, Sport, And Leisure Industry (3 credits)

This course is an in-depth study of the Sport and Leisure Industry as a viable career field. It will consider the scope and development of sport and leisure in relation to people's needs and desires; examine the vast arena of providers that constitute sport and leisure services; inventory current mainstream areas of sport, recreation, and leisure activity; and examine the core principles important to leadership and management within these leisure services.

SLM 114 Leadership in Leisure Services (3 credits)

This course is designed to cover the foundational elements of leadership and how they apply to the dynamics of group interaction within a variety of settings in the leisure service industry. Experiential activities will be used to demonstrate group dynamics and assist students in analyzing leisure behaviors and participant motivations. Students will construct a personal mission statement and leadership philosophy. Participation in two off-campus weekend leadership experiences is required. Students will pay an additional fee to cover expenses for these experiences.

SLM 116 Event Programming and Management (3 credits)

Participants in this course will gain an understanding of the responsibilities event managers have when planning and executing events. Specific focal topics for discussion and classroom activities include the elements which make events distinctive, such as venue, decoration, food selection, and entertainment; event safety; and event financing. Required competencies will be emphasized through classroom study, event creation and participation, and other practical applications.

SLM 220 Field Experience: Sport and Leisure Management (1 credit)

Students will participate in the operations of an organization within the Sport and Leisure Industry. The students are required to work for their chosen agency for 40 hours. During this time, students will be involved in all facets of the agency including, but not limited to, event programming, facility maintenance, security, customer relations, financing, program analysis, and/or assisting the organization in an area of need specified by the agency. Weekly seminars will be held. Prerequisites: SLM-111, 114, 116, and BUS-121, or Permission of Instructor.