World Languages Department
Student Support Services

The World Languages Department provides a variety of support services to our students:

  • All full-time faculty members offer drop-in faculty assistance during office hours.
  • Tutors for all languages except ASL are available through the Learning Center in Gordon.  Tutors for ASL are available during scheduled times in the ASL Lab in Mawhinney Room M110.  See tutor schedule.  
  • An outline of Study habits for success in World Language courses is posted on the Department web page.
  • There are links on faculty web sites to publisher's web pages and practice quizzes.
  • Course syllabi list web pages with text-specific exercises and other useful resources.
  • A transitional course in Spanish reviews material presented in high school and prepares students for intermediate level study.
  • The Department web page has links to professional language associations that provide information about world languages and career opportunities in the field.


Why study a World Language?

Because the study of a world language improves your…

  • Critical thinking ability
  • Understanding of today's global world
  • Your language skills, even English!
  • Job opportunities 
  • Travel experiences abroad
  • Opportunities to make new friends


What does it take to learn a Language?

Learning a world language is an investment in your future that requires:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • An open mind
  • Enthusiasm



The World Languages Department sponsors two clubs:

  • ASL Club
  • Spanish Club