History is the examination of continuity and change over time.  Historians investigate evidence from the past, interpret its meaning, and analyze the impact of the past on the world in which we live.  Historical inquiry may be approached from a variety of perspectives and can lead to different interpretations, which makes the study of history both exciting and challenging.  The history courses taught at Onondaga include freshman level surveys of Western Civilization and American History.  In addition, there are sophomore level courses which provide a more in-depth examination of major events, time periods or populations, such as African-American History, the Civil War, and the History of American Women.

The study of History is an integral part of the Humanities/Social Science A.A. degree program, and provides a solid foundation for most four year Bachelor of Arts programs.  History majors pursue a variety of career options in government, business, law enforcement, the legal profession, human resources, journalism, publishing, news analysis and commentary, politics, research and consulting, the national park service, public relations, the entertainment industry, and non-profit organizations.  Many history majors choose to continue their education in preparation for teaching at the elementary, secondary, or college level.

Outstanding history majors are often invited to join Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

History Courses