Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior.  Sociology views the world from a socio/cultural perspective, from what is known as the sociological imagination.  Sociology courses at Onondaga attempt to instill this sociological imagination in all students.  This allows students to understand their lives and the world around them, using socio/cultural influences to understand these phenomena.  The sociology courses taught at Onondaga include freshman level Introductory Sociology and Sociology of Sex Roles.  In addition, there are sophomore level courses which provide a more in-depth examination of major sociological concepts such as Social Problems, Deviance, Popular Culture, Sport, Social Stratification, and Race and Ethnicity.

The study of sociology is an integral part of the Humanities/Social Science A.A. degree program, and provides a solid foundation for most four year Bachelor of Arts programs.  Even though we do not have a sociology major at Onondaga, many students take a number of sociology courses and plan to major in sociology when they transfer to a four-year school.

Outstanding sociology students are often invited to join Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

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