Off Campus Housing

There is limited availability in the Residence Halls.  Please visit our housing web content to apply to live on campus.

The Onondaga off-campus housing list is a service provided to assist students and their families in finding local apartments in the greater Syracuse area. Onondaga does not become involved with or assume responsibility for any tenant, landlord, roommate or other rental-related matters. It is important that students carefully review any information given to them and ask questions of the prospective landlord. It is further advised that students consult with the appropriate city, county and state agency, (i.e. health and building inspectors) responsible for the regulation of rental properties.

It is strongly recommended that students contact, in advance, the prospective landlord/owner to set up an appointment to view available apartment facilities. For your reference, you may also want to get a copy of “Tenant’s Rights” – a handbook for Syracuse tenants. Contact the Greater Syracuse Tenant Network at (315) 475-8092, and for a small charge a handbook can be mailed to your home.

Off Campus Housing List  The listing is updated once a year in June.

Although the College tries to maintain a list that is as current and accurate as possible, students must verify the information in the listing with the landlord to ensure that the information has not been changed. If while searching for your apartment you become aware of an undesirable living condition at a location or if you identify misinformation printed in the listing, please report the information to the Student Association office so that the information can be verified and the listing can be updated with current information.