Text Readers

Onondaga Community College maintains current licenses for a wide range of assistive technologies, including Kurzweil and JAWS.  OAR will train an individual to use appropriate assistive technology products; map out a campus based strategy for assessing equipment in various campus locations, including but not limited to Coulter library, various locations in Gordon Student Center (e.g. OAR, the Testing Center and the Learning Center), computer labs, residence halls, and classrooms, and assist the individual to develop a strategy for accessing materials at home, such as by downloading the free product ""Natural Reader"" to his or her personal devices.


Onondaga Community College participates in two college textbook services, Accesstext and Bookshare that provide e-text versions of many textbooks.  These services expedite access to materials and require individuals to comply with related policies to copyright law.  Students are encouraged to notify OAR of specific textbook needs in advance of the first day of classes so that materials may be converted in time for the beginning of the semester.

Service Animal Guidelines

Service animals may be used by individuals with documented disabilities who require this assistance, and support animals may be present in College housing, as described below, to support residential students with documented disabilities who have been approved for this form of accommodation.  More information


The Onondaga Disability Service Office is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Voter registration site: 

Other Resources

  • Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation To obtain assistance from NYS ACCES-VR, call 1-800-222-JOBS or visit their web page at them as early as possible, preferably five months prior to the start of your first semester. 

  • A Guide to Visual Disabilities: How Colleges Help Visually Impaired Students Succeed:  

  • LD Online 
    Online resources for learning disabilities and related areas. When you get in this website, click on "LD Resources" for lists of organizations and agencies, such as:
    • National Organizations: A complete list of national organizations that provide information and assistance on learning disabilities and related issues.
    • Federal Agencies: A listing of the important federal agencies dealing with learning disability issues.
    • State by State Resource Guides: Offers the names and addresses of helpful state agencies, local organizations, and other resources available in your state.
    • On-line Resources: A vast assortment of links to other resources on the Internet.
  • Financial Resources for students with disabilities: 

  • SensusAccess - Convert PDFs, JPGs and other files into e-book, text files, audio or braille.