For Students with Disabilities

Welcome to the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR). We're here to help.

Onondaga Community College provides web-based systems and content developed in accordance with generally accepted Web Accessibility guidelines.  Third-party website applications and content also are evaluated for quality and accessibility.  Students and employees with disabilities are assisted by the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) and the Office of Human Resources to review and determine appropriate accommodations involving specialty software and adaptive technology.  Individuals with a print disability, defined as a person who cannot effectively read print because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability are encouraged to work with OAR to determine the text reader, e-text or other appropriate accommodations.

Mission Statement

The Office of Accessibility Resources(OAR) exists to assist in creating a hospitable, accessible college community to promote student success,. The OAR works to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the educational environment. the office partners with students, faculty, and staff to promote students' independence and to recognize and focus on our students' personal goals and inherent potential. 

Onondaga Community College prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other applicable laws.  Questions may be referred to the Office of Accessibility Resources. 

Complaints of non-compliance may be referred to the College’s Section 504 Compliance Officer, Rebecca Hoda-Kearse, Associate Vice President, Student Engagement at:  [email protected] or the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights,  32 Old Slip, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10005-2500, 646-428-3900, email: [email protected].