Public Safety Training Center

The Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) provides nationally recognized training to law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical service, school district, and industrial response team personnel, as well as the general public .  Because this diverse audience often comes together in a crisis, the structure of PSTC training is designed to foster understanding and teamwork across disciplines.

Using computer simulations and incident management software, the state's largest simulator incident management board, and the most up-to-date training materials available, it is not uncommon to see a firefighter teaching police candidates, a paramedic teaching firefighters, or an industrial response expert teaching emergency medical service workers.  These audiences are often training in the same room, learning to share information and bond with others dealing with emergency situations.

This unique community-wide approach to training has received recognition for excellence from both state and national agencies, and is cited among the most innovative programs in the nation. Our programs deal with critical incident management, emergency services response to terrorism, disaster preparedness and recovery, crisis communications and personal emergency preparedness. Training is delivered by veteran public safety and emergency response providers.

The Public Safety Training Center partners with the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management's bureaus of Fire and Emergency Medical Services and the state offices of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to deliver fire, emergency medical and emergency management training programs.

Fire Service Training is based on National Fire Protection Association standards, covering both academic and practical skills proficiency.  Onondaga's programs are the only programs in New York State accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.  In addition to NFPA courses, various short courses in specialized topics are offered to meet the varied needs of the fire service.  Courses are also offered to fulfill state and federal training mandates such as those required by OSHA, PESH, etc.

The PSTC assists local volunteer fire service organizations and departments by providing customized on-site training.  It also helps them comply with various requirements and ensures high quality nationally recognized training delivered by certified instructors. Comprehensive training records are also provided to agencies requesting this service.

Current Course Offerings

Visit the PSTC website to see the schedule of upcoming courses.

For Business + Industry

Our professional public safety educators provide training and educational programs to employees of private business and industry such as emergency planners, industrial fire brigades, plant protection specialists, and risk management and security personnel. Programs in emergency preparedness, disaster management, and response to terrorist incidents are very popular. We also provide programs to businesses to help them comply with OSHA mandated training requirements.

Business and industry, as weel as not-for-profit agencies, are invaluable partners in today's world of emergency management. The Public Safety Training Center enthusiastically incorporates this aspect into education programs.  At the same time, we recognize some of the unique challenges faced in today's business climate.

For more information about public safety programs for business and industrial safety and security, visit the PSTC website, call the Public Safety Training Center at (315) 498-6046 or email [email protected]..

Central New York Police Academy

The Central New York Police Academy, a major component of the Public Safety Training Center, is one of the largest and most respected police academies in the state. In cooperation with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and other Central New York police agencies, basic and varied in-service programs are conducted for law enforcement personnel throughout Central New York. The Academy regularly provides training to over 125 Law enforcement agencies.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement but have not yet been hired by a police agency, the police academy offers pre-employment training which includes most of the state mandated law enforcement basic course for police officers. This enables you to attend a police academy prior to being hired by an agency.

For more information about the Central New York Police Academy, visit the PSTC website, call (315) 498-6046 or email [email protected].