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Do you like the idea of helping a young adult find their confidence and desire to learn? Do you have the natural discipline and patience to run a classroom filled with teenagers and still maintain your sense of humor and compassion? Perhaps teaching adolescents is for you. Teachers in secondary education have the opportunity to focus on individual subjects. To teach breadth and depth. And to channel students' interests into life goals. The A.A. in Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) degree program, offers you an excellent foundation for continued studies in this rewarding career.
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What You Will Learn:

You will learn about the foundations of education and adolescent psychology. This liberal arts degree program includes SUNY General Education requirements and coursework beginning a specialization for transfer to SUNY 4-year teacher certification program.

What It Is Like:

Interesting, challenging and engaging - just like the teacher you are studying to become. The program reinforces your coursework with 30 hours of guided field observation. Specializations are chosen so they transfer to the institution of the student’s choice and may include: English, mathematics, history / social studies, physics, biology, chemistry and earth science. Students should consult a Teacher Education advisor to select a specialization that will transfer to the four-year institution.
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Where It Will Take You:

Upon successful completion of this degree program, most students continue on to a four-year degree program with the initial NYS certification in Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12. Once you are certified, you are eligible for a variety of teaching positions.
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It is important that students who plan to transfer after completing their studies at Onondaga consult from the beginning of their academic program with an OCC advisor and a contact at the transfer college to make sure both OCC's degree requirements and transfer requirements are being meet. You can view current information on  transfer agreements on our Transfer Services page.

You're On:

"After 11 years pushing paperwork, I felt it was time to make a difference. It's hard to leave what you know, and start a new profession, but after only a few months in the program, I felt like I was where I belonged. Teaching is a natural fit for me, and I'm finally proud of what I'm doing." ~Pete G.