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As long as there is a need for shelter, there will be a need for people to help design and build it-whether it is a single-story home or a 50-story skyscraper. The architecture program helps you discover where your talents lie as well as how best to express them in the real world.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn to think with your mind as well as with a pencil, paper and computer. You will experience firsthand the tools and technologies used today. And you will discover a fresh view of the world and how you inhabit it.

What It Is Like:

The Architectural department is highly regarded in the Central New York architectural community for its ability to challenge students and instill the skills employers value most. The program stresses the traditional fundamentals with four-semester, studio-course sequences in both design and drafting. Students may explore interior architecture, building design, graphics, computer drafting, materials and construction technology, architectural history, environmental controls, office practice, structures and more. There are opportunities for many interesting extracurricular activities, including Architecture Club as well as international study, such as a class trip to Italy.
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Where It Can Take You:

Many students elect to pursue a bachelor's degree at a four- or five-year college or university toward a career as an architect, landscape architect, construction manager or engineering consultant to name just a few. Our students are frequently accepted into some of the most prestigious programs in the Northeast. After graduation, you will also have the know-how to pursue a variety of job opportunities in the design and construction industry.
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It is important that students who plan to transfer after completing their studies at Onondaga consult from the beginning of their academic program with an OCC advisor and a contact at the transfer college to make sure both OCC's degree requirements and transfer requirements are being meet. You can view current information on  transfer agreements on our Transfer Services page.

You're On:

"In my current job as a project manager/designer in Orlando, FL, I always look back and think of what a great program you had and how it changed my life!" ~Jay Jensen, Class of 1988.