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Do you plan to pursue a four-year degree in business? Do you want to study accounting, finance, marketing or human resource management? Do you know how to keep budgets on track or take a product to market? Do you want to learn practical business theory combined with hands-on experience? The A.S. degree in Business Administration stresses key business principles along with real world applications and is an excellent place to begin your dynamic career in business. This degree program will provide you with a solid foundation in business as well as a clear understanding of how to successfully apply your learning toward a four-year degree.

What You Will Learn

Through a comprehensive program of study, Onondaga's Business Administration program will prepare and assist you in meeting your goal: to transfer to the four-year college of your choice. Each school has different, though similar requirements, which we'll advise you about.

You'll also have flexibility pursuing our A.S. program. Since various electives are selected by students, you will learn about areas of business that interest you most. When you graduate, you will have credits completed in law, statistics, management, marketing, math, economics, accounting, and English, as well as courses in the liberal arts.

What It Is Like:

You will work closely with professors whose real-world experiences come to life in the classroom. Class discussions and presentations help you discover and develop professional business communication skills critical to today's top employers.
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Where It Can Take You

Most students in this program continue their studies in a bachelor's degree program. The A.S. degree in Business Administration is designed to transfer to a four-year institution with maximum credit transfer and junior level standing. Or, if you plan to go directly into the workforce, this degree can provide you with the highly-valued business knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a variety of entry-level positions in business.

It is important that students who plan to transfer after completing their studies at Onondaga consult from the beginning of their academic program with an OCC advisor and a contact at the transfer college to make sure both OCC's degree requirements and transfer requirements are being meet. You can view current information on  transfer agreements on our Transfer Services page. 

You're On:

"Right now, I'm not exactly sure where I want my career to go. Getting an A.S. degree in Business Administration is giving me time to decide AND a great background for a ton of different jobs."~Mark T.