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The Early Child Care Certificate prepares students to work with children from birth through age eight in child care, pre-school, or school-age programs. Students gain an understanding of child development, plan developmentally appropriate activities and practice responsibilities of assistant teachers.

Students may enroll in the program on a part-time or full-time basis. Students who are employed full-time are strongly encouraged to take no more than two courses per semester. Special program costs include transportation to fieldwork sites. A medical exam, tuberculin test and fingerprinting may be required before beginning fieldwork.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn to create a nurturing, safe classroom where every child thrives. You will study how children develop and how to plan age-appropriate activities that foster their development.

What It Is Like:

A combination of classroom-based instruction and field experience helps you move from observer to active participant. This 30 credit certificate also includes liberal arts courses that enhance your training.

Where It Can Take You:

Upon successful completion of this one-year certificate program, you will be prepared to work as a child-care provider in an early childhood program.
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You're On:

"I was always the one who wanted to be the teacher when I played with friends. This field is the perfect fit for my interests!" ~Gayle P.