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Electronic Media Communications Advisory Board

The Electronic Media Communications Department has an Advisory Board consisting of local broadcast professionals who help to guide the department in curriculum development, equipment acquisition, and general support. Their expert advice is sought to ensure that the program is always on the cutting edge and our coursework is consistent with the skills that employers desire from graduates.

Electronic Media Communication Advisory Board Members Include:

  • Glen Adams (Galaxy Communications)
  • Dave Anthony (iHeartMedia)
  • Scott Bogardus (E-Merging Motion Media Ltd.)
  • James Campagna (NewsChannel 9 WSYR)
  • Ben Church (NewsChannel 9 WSYR)
  • Skip Clark (Foxfur Communications)
  • Mike Cleland (Time Warner Cable Sports)
  • Janice Cole (Cumulus Media, Inc.)
  • Cathy D'Agostino (Time Warner Cable News)
  • Todd Hobin (Todd Hobin Studios)
  • Aaron Hugo (Pinckney Hugo Group)
  • Curt Jetter (Time Warner Cable News)
  • Jeremy Johnston (Subcat Studios)
  • Alan Jurison (iHeartMedia)
  • Ron Keck (Subcat Studios)
  • Ed Levine (Galaxy Communications)
  • Vinny Lopez (Fox 68 WSYT/My43 WNYS)
  • Barbara Meaney (iHeartMedia)
  • Brandon Roth (CNY Central)
  • Ed Sautter (Fox 68 WSYT/My43 WNYS)
  • Jacob Schoeneberger (CXtec)
  • Niko Tamurian (CNY Central)
  • Michael Verostek (Time Warner Cable)
  • Dean Walters (CNY Central)
  • Shawn Wayson (NewsChannel 9 WSYR)
  • Steve White (WCNY)