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Please Note: This program has been discontinued as of March 27, 2018 and is no longer accepting applications. Students currently in the program will be able to complete their degree.

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You like to have a plan, and a back-up plan. You are the first one there when a friend or neighbor needs help. The growing field of emergency management needs people who are calm under pressure and have a knack for thinking of every contingency. Our A.A.S. degree program, developed in conjunction with the NYS Emergency Management Office, gives you the skills to help people in need.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn how to determine the emergency-related needs of a community or organization, work with government officials, coordinate and manage emergency response resources, and assess damage following a disaster or emergency.

What It Is Like:

In addition to class lectures, you will visit emergency training events and participate in mock emergency response activities. The program includes courses of study as offered by the FEMA higher Education Project.
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Where It Will Take You

Upon successful completion of this degree program, you can find career opportunities and/or promotions in federal, state or local emergency management, law enforcement, fire protection, paramedic services, industrial safety, risk management, asset protection and more.
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