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In a post 9/11 world the vital functions provided by fire service personnel are more important than ever. Virtually all threats faced by communities throughout the nation call for an efficient and coordinated response by highly trained fire service organizations. Whether the threat is a natural disaster or an intentionally caused disaster such as a terrorist incident, the fire service provides critical services and expertise.  Onondaga's Public Safety Training Center has state-of-the-art Fire Studio Software and a Simulator Board that is used to train students and emergency personnel to prepare and respond to disasters.

With the expansion of demands placed on the fire service, training and educational requirements for fire service personnel have increased. Officers and administrative personnel in particular require extensive education to ensure the safety of their personnel, and to comply with regulations from various levels of government.

The fire protection technology curriculum is a component of the college's department of public safety. The fire protection program also works cooperatively with the public safety training center providing numerous levels of nationally certified fire service instructional programs. The training center is the sole institution in New York State accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress, and thereby has the ability to certify career and fire service personnel at numerous levels throughout the state.