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Few careers are as demanding or take you as close to danger. Few require the same degree of intensive training, and hands-on knowledge of how to effectively operate state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment. But fewer still offer the satisfaction of saving what's priceless - human life. Our Fire Protection Certification is offered through one of most progressive programs in the state and can lead to promotional career advancement opportunities in your current job. 

What You Will Learn:

You will learn about fire prevention and fire fighting tactics and strategies, including hazardous materials and their control, fire hydraulics and safety management. An English Composition requirement completes your program. 

What It Is Like:

This is a demanding program which fosters a close-knit community among students. It is also the only program in New York State offering national firefighter certification. This can lead to careers in firefighting throughout the country.

Where It Can Take You:

Upon successful completion of this certificate program, you may receive academic recognition and may become eligible for career advancement in municipal services, EMS, administration, prevention and operation, industrial fire safety, code enforcement and more. Completion of this certificate program may transfer to the A.A.S. degree in Fire Protection Technology. Consult your academic advisor for more information.

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You're On:

I was already working in emergency services as a dispatcher. This program help give me the training I needed to move into the front lines." ~Kurt O.