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You want to broaden your perspective on the world. But you haven't quite figured out your place in it. The A.A. Humanities & Social Sciences degree program offers a traditional course of study that exposes you to a wide variety of subjects. With an emphasis on solid reasoning and communication skills, it can be your critical first step toward finding a career - as well as finding yourself.
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What You Will Learn:

You will gain a greater understanding of the world at large by studying diverse populations. While learning how to reason, question and communicate more effectively, you will discover how to solve problems and think creatively. And most important, your course of study will aid you in making informed decisions about your career direction.
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What It Is Like:

You will take classes that parallel those required by most freshmen and sophomores at four-year colleges and universities. Classes have an increased focus on global awareness and fine arts. You will have flexibility in course options while fulfilling your requirements in English, math, science, world languages and social science. You may choose to concentrate in an area such as African American studies, cinema, communication, or computer studies.
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Where It Can Take You:

Your Humanities A.A. degree is a great launch pad to further your studies or begin work immediately upon graduation. Some career paths to consider include journalism, education, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics and pre-law.
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It is important that students who plan to transfer after completing their studies at Onondaga consult from the beginning of their academic program with an OCC advisor and a contact at the transfer college to make sure both OCC's degree requirements and transfer requirements are being meet. You can view current information on transfer agreements on our Transfer Services page.

You're on:

"I'm glad I'm getting a strong liberal arts background. From here, I'm planning to attend LeMoyne and get my B.A. degree in communications." ~Erinna W.