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Computers, networks and associated electronic circuits have become an integral part of the commercial and industrial environment. This one-year certificate offers many career opportunities in computer-related fields. The program is designed to prepare graduates to work in one of the many specialty fields associated with computers and networking.

If you wish to continue your studies for an A.A.S. degree in engineering technology, you may be able to continue as a second-year student after consulting with an advisor concerning the applicability of your credits to the A.A.S. degree.

The demand for trained individuals in computers and networking is growing because of the expansion of the use of computers in our daily lives. Employment possibilities exist in many areas, such as: computer maintenance and support; electronics assembly and repair; network installation and support in commercial offices; and in industries where computers are used as “tools of the trade.” The courses in this program are designed to provide the basic conceptual foundation for such professional certificates as A+ and Network+.

The pre-requisite to enroll in this certificate program is one year of high school mathematics (Beginning Algebra). If you lack the recommended mathematics background, you may enroll in the Foundations of Technology program that prepares you to pursue technical certificate and degree programs.