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    Degrees, Certificates & Minors

    Graduation Requirements

    1. All requirements outlined for the A.A.S. degree in the catalog.
    2. A grade of M (Mastery) or B or better in all required Nursing (NUR) courses.
    3. A grade of C or better in all required Liberal Arts and Sciences courses except BIO courses.
    4. A grade of C+ or better in BIO 171, 172, and 205. The co-requisite Biology courses (BIO 171, 172, and 205) must have been completed no more than seven years prior to matriculation in the Nursing program.
    5. Consistent demonstration of:
      a) Entry-level clinical skills
      b) Safe professional judgment
      c) Academic and professional integrity

    Note: When a grade of B or C is required, a grade of B- or C-, respectively, is considered below minimum standards; when a grade of C+ is required, a grade of C is considered below minimum standards.

    *The ever-changing nature of nursing and/or refinements in instructional methods may necessitate changes in nursing curriculum requirements and policies. The faculty reserves the right to make such changes with adequate notice given to students active in the curriculum. In addition, the faculty reserves the right to review the current knowledge and skills of students who have taken a course with a NUR prefix five or more years before.