Additional Costs

In addition to tuition, books, malpractice insurance¹ and other fees², nursing students are required to have the following:

•  Annual physical examination³

•  Current CPR certification4

•  Laboratory equipment kit

•  School uniform, lab coat, name pin, white uniform shoes

•  Stethoscope

•  Watch with number of seconds visible

Each semester, additional variable expenses include lunches and parking fees during clinical experiences.

Initial and follow-up care as a result of injury or exposure to illness in the clinical setting is at the student’s expense. Neither the College nor clinical agencies assume any responsibility for health care costs. Students must be covered by an active health insurance policy.

A complete list of current expenses can be obtained from the Nursing department.

1. Malpractice insurance is a fee paid to the College to cover students while they function as Onondaga Community College Student Nurses. It is not personal indemnity coverage.

2. In order to cover the cost of the required Review and Assessment Program, all Nursing students will pay a one-time fee when registering in their last semester before graduation.

3. New York State law requires that students have a completed and current health form on file with the College prior to clinical experience.

4. CPR: For Professional Rescuer: a current certification valid up to two years from date of issue.

5. Criminal background checks may be required by the clinical agency at the expense of the student.