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    Degrees, Certificates & Minors


    Clinical course progression: Students must complete all previous level courses in full before progressing to the next level clinical. Clinical courses within a level must be completed in sequence, and will require application of theory course content.

    First Semester Credits
    BIO 171 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
    NUR 180 Fundamental Competencies in Nursing Process 1
    NUR 181 Fundamental Concepts of Activity and Rest 1
    NUR 182 Fundamental Concepts of Oxygenation and Perfusion 1
    NUR 183 Fundamental Concepts of Safety and Security 1
    NUR 184 Fundamentals of Nutrition/Elimination and Fluid/Electrolyte 1
    NUR 185 Fundamental Concepts of Psychosocial Needs and Communication 1
    NUR 191 Introduction to Nursing Process 2
    NUR 192 Introductory Nursing Process Clinical I 2
    Total Credits: 14
    Second Semester Credits
    BIO 172 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
    NUR 220 Application of Competencies in Nursing Process 1
    NUR 222 Application of Concepts of Oxygenation and Perfusion 1
    NUR 223 Application of Concepts of Safety and Security 1
    NUR 224 Application of Nutrition/Elimination and Fluid/Electrolytes 1
    NUR 243 Pharmacology in Nursing 
    NUR 231 Nursing Process Clinical II 2
    NUR 232 Nursing Process Clinical II 2
    ENG 103 Freshman Composition and Literature I 3
    Total Credits: 16
    Summer Session Credits
    BIO 205 General Microbiology 4
    SOC 103 Introductory Sociology 3
    PSY 103 General Psychology 3
    Total Credits: 10
    Third Semester Credits
    NUR 240 Expanding Competencies in Nursing Process 1
    NUR 245 Psychiatric Client Needs I 1
    NUR 206 Childbearing Family Needs 1
    NUR 207 Childrearing Family Needs 1
    NUR 248 Gerontological and Palliative Care Nursing 1
    Any two of the following specialty care clinicals: NUR 255, 256, 257, or 258 4
    ENG 104 Freshman Composition and Literature II OR COM 210 Public Speaking 3
    Total Credits: 12
    Fourth Semester Credits
    NUR 260 Nursing Process and Concepts IV 1
    NUR 261 Activity and Rest Needs II: Orthopedic Nursing 1
    NUR 262 Oxygenation Needs III 1
    NUR 263 Safety and Security Needs IV: Neuro Science Nursing 1
    NUR 264 Nutrition and Elimination Needs III 1
    NUR 265 Psychiatric Clients Needs II 1
    NUR 271 Advanced Nursing Process Clinical IV 2
    NUR 291 Role Transition: Capstone Course 2
    Any two of the following distributive care clinicals: NUR 295, 296, 297, or 298 ( NUR 286 may be substituted for NUR 296 and/or NUR 297) 2
    Total Credits: 12
    Total Program Credits: 64

    If Arts and Science course requirements are completed before beginning nursing courses, students may not be able to maintain full-time status with nursing courses only, due to the sequential nature of the nursing courses and the number of nursing credit hours required. Check with the Financial Aid office for requirements for financial aid awards.