Complaint Procedure

Any complaint concerning the PTA Program at Onondaga Community College should be made to the PTA Chairperson at 315-498-2188.  The complaint should be in written form (the chairperson has forms), and include a specific date, description and consequences of the problem.  The student should first contact the faculty in an attempt to resolve the problem.  If the problem is not resolved at this level, then the Chairperson will resolve the problem and notify the complainant in writing.  A record of all complaints will be maintained and secured in the PTA Chairperson’s Office.  

If a complaint lodged against the program falls outside of due process (e.g., from a clinical setting, the general public or a facility employing a graduate of the PTA program), the complainant should submit the complaint in writing to the Program Chairperson.  The complaint needs to include the name/title of the program, the individual initiating the complaint and a statement clearly describing the specific nature, and date of the complaint. They should also provide supporting data for the charge/allegation.  If the complaint does not contain all required information, it will be returned to the complainant for appropriate revisions.  In order for the complaint to be considered, the event(s) must have occurred within one year of the date the complaint is filed.  The chair will make all attempts to respond in writing to the complainant within 30 days of receiving the complaint.  The complaints will be secured and held in the Chairperson’s office for one year.