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Additional Costs

In addition to the regular college expenses of tuition, health program fees, student activity fees and textbook fees for non-PTA courses, PTA students are financially responsible for the following:

  1. Physical exams and required immunizations.
  2. Malpractice insurance: approximately $10 per semester (Malpractice insurance is a fee paid to the College to cover students in their functions as Onondaga student PTAs).
  3. Personal health insurance: varies (neither the College nor your assigned clinical facility assumes any responsibility for student health care costs).
  4. Textbooks for core PTA courses: approximately $900. 
  5. Uniform and name pin for clinicals: approximately $60.
  6. Transportation to/from and parking for clinical assignments.
  7. Room and board for full-time clinicals (where applicable).
  8. Watch with second hand.
  9. Goniometer: approximately $25.
  10. Student membership to APTA: $85/year.

(Fees subject to change)