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Ensuring the safety, security, and prosperity of a community. What could be more important? Our public safety law enforcement program is New York State approved, offering future police officers the first-rate training they need for this challenging and immensely rewarding field. 

What You Will Learn:

Coursework is divided into two phases. Phase I is the pre-employment training which teaches basic law, arrest techniques, public safety procedures, investigative techniques and community relations. This portion of the training can be completed prior to being hired by a law enforcement agency. Phase II fulfills a state requirement that officers must complete within one year from the date they are hired by a police agency. 

What It Is Like:

This dynamic program is current, relevant and has strong, underlying emphasis on ethical conduct. Hands-on training utilizes the most current technologies and methods. All instruction is delivered by state-certified police instructors. The program includes emergency vehicle operation, defensive tactics and arrest techniques, investigative and interview procedures and all other aspects of law enforcement training. 

Where It Can Take You:

Upon successful completion of this certificate program, you will be prepared to begin a career in law enforcement. Graduates of Phase 1 training receive a pre-employment transcript, required by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. This transcript is valid for two years while you seek employment with law enforcement agencies.
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You're On:

"The training center is the real deal. On my last day of class, I felt like I was ready to go out on patrol." ~ Kevin P.