Public Safety Training Center Course

Course Title Phase I Basic Police Course (Pre-Employment Law Enforcement Training)  

The CNY Police Academy @ OCC proudly offers the NYS DCJS approved Phase I / Pre-Employment program (The Police Academy) at our Public Safety Training Center for persons interested in becoming a Police Officer. The Phase I Police Academy (LEC) program is approximately 85% of the Basic Course for Police required by NYS for all police officers; the portion not taught in Phase I is taught in Phase II, following being hired by a police agency. At OCC, the Police Academy program is offered over the course of two (2) consecutive semesters. All students are able to apply for Financial Aid, and the college does accept the GI Bill for veterans for the LEC program. All interested persons are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible. 

The Phase I Police Academy class meets Tuesday-Thursday evenings from 6:00-10:00pm, and Saturday mornings from 6:00-8:30am, for Physical Fitness. 

All students must be 19yrs old to be eligible for the LEC program.

Prior to being accepted to the Academy, all students must pass a Physical Agility Test (the Physical Agility test includes sit-ups, pushups and a 1.5mile run in a timed environment, based on age & gender, using the Cooper Standard), & a Board Interview w/our Training Commander. Students must complete an application to OCC, and take the English placement test* at Student Central. Students must place at a credit level for English to be eligible for Academy. It is encouraged that you test as early as possible; if non-credit English is needed, it must be completed prior to registering for Police Academy classes. *Not applicable if transferring accepted English credit from another college.  


Onondaga County:  $0
Out of County:  $0

Tuition includes full time tuition for two (2) semesters, based on tuition rates at the time of enrollment*, materials fees, plus uniform expense (out of pocket expense). All students are able to apply for Financial Aid, and the college does accept the GI Bill for veterans for the LEC program. 

For fee information, please contact the CNY Police Academy

Phase II is limited to students who have been hired by a police agency.

All interested applicants are encouraged to attend an Information Session (no registration required). For a current schedule of Information Sessions, please contact the PSTC @ 315-498-6042.  Phase I Info Sheet
How to Register   
For more information, please contact us.