Honors Courses

Honors Courses are designed to actively engage students in the learning process. Students are encouraged to interact with the faculty and each other and to explore a subject in greater depth. Honors classes are small, and typically enroll a maximum of 16 students. Professors strive to incorporate the Honors at Onondaga Core Values into Honors Courses. Honors Courses may meet the general or social science electives of your degree requirements.

  • Honors sections are special sections of existing courses offered to Honors students and taught by professors affiliated with the Honors Program. Students are expected to have similar learning outcomes as they might with a regular section, but in an Honors section students are generally more engaged with the material, the professor, and each other. Students may register for the special Honors section(s) of such courses made available each semester.
  • Honors courses are special classes created by professors who design the courses especially for Honors Program students. These courses are usually indicated by an HON course prefix.
  • Honors Contracts are agreements created between an Honors Program student and her/his instructor of a non-Honors class. Any interested Honors Program student should meet with the honors coordinator.

Honors Class Offerings by Semester

If you would like to participate in the Honors minor, take individual Honors classes, or arrange Honors contracts, please contact the honors coordinator.