Study Abroad

As an Onondaga Community College student, you have an opportunity to add an exciting international dimension to your education. While a student at Onondaga, you can elect to study abroad in countries throughout the world for a semester or during the summer. Since Onondaga Community College is an institution within the State University of New York system, Onondaga students may participate in many of the numerous SUNY study abroad programs. If you're eligible, financial aid may be used to pay for these programs. To check out the programs available through the SUNY consortium visit the SUNY International Programs website. The Onondaga Modern Language Department has assembled information on recommended study abroad language programs.

It is important to note that you have to plan ahead if you are interested in studying abroad. For example, financial aid must be filed by October 15 for the Spring semester and Febuary 15 for Fall sessions. In addition, various overseas programs have early admissions deadlines. You need to start your preparations at least one to two semesters in advance of when you want to go abroad.