Selecting a Program

There are four things to consider when selecting the right study abroad program for you:

  • Curriculum - Does the program you are checking into have your curriculum listed? If it does, are the courses you would like to take offered during your planned semester/summer of participation?
  • Location - Where do you want to go? Country, city vs. suburbs. Large university vs. small, etc. Take a look at a map and get a general picture of where it is you would be going.
  • Cost - Is the program affordable? Will financial aid and loans apply? Will financial aid cover the majority of the expenses (including air fare)?

Since Onondaga Community College is an institution within the State University of New York system, OCC students may participate in many of the numerous SUNY study abroad programs.  To check out these programs visit the SUNY International Programs website. You will be able to look for programs by country and by semester or summer programs.

If you are specifically looking for a program to study a foreign language or culture, see the language programs recommended by our Modern Languages department faculty for Onondaga students.